Farmer brand Knife sliced noodle Tom Yum

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Farmer brand Knife sliced noodle Tom Yum
Farmer Brand
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Farmer Brand Family Series Knife Sliced Noodle 
Flavour available : Tom Yum
2 packet in each box

The method of making Knife Sliced Noodles is an art form and requires many years of practice. Knife Sliced Noodle have a starchy and bouncy texture and it is well love by the young and young at heart. Thus it is represented by the Grandchildren in our Family Series. 

Made from the high quality wheat flour, Knife Sliced Noodles are handmade and sliced with a knife hence the name Knife Sliced Noodles. The technique of making Knife Sliced Noodle is complicated due to the uneven thickness of the strand. The chef have to cut the noodle in a way to ensure that the edges are thinner than the center. The combination of thin (edges) and thick (center) in a noodle strand allow consumer a different level of mouthfeel when consuming.

Part 1
Cooking instruction: 
1)Prepare 900ml of water and bring to boil
2)Put in the noodles and gently spread the noodles apart
3)Cook on medium high heat for 3-4 minutes, cooked till your preferred noodles texture, remove noodles from water and drain.
4)Pour into the bowl containing seasoning sauces and mixed well
5)Ready to serve

Part 2
Dry or soup based on personal preferences
Dry Mix
1)Prepare 80ml-100ml of water. Pour in half a pack of Tom Yum paste. Mix well and bring to boil.
2)Pour into cooked noodles and mixed well. Ready to serve.

Soup base
1)Prepare 450ml of water. Pour in Tom Yum paste . Mix well and bring to boil.
2)Pour into to cooked noodles. Ready to serve.


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