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Farmer Brand

Farmer Brand Roasted Peanuts has been the trusted snack since
1940s in Malaysia.

All thanks to Mr Lee Chit Heng that Singaporeans get to enjoy this delicious snack when he expanded his operations to Singapore in 1950. Since then, Farmer Brand Roasted Peanuts has been a must-have for festive occasions.


Strongly committed to satisfy the customers' needs for competitively-priced and high quality products, Mei Heong Yuen has continuously upgraded itself over the years.

The company's factory utilises up-to-date manufacturing technology. All its processing and packaging operations are fully mechanized. Products are thoroughly tested and strict quality control is exercised at all stages of the production process.

People management plays an important role in its corporate culture. A flat organisation structure is adopted to encourage communication and feedback between management and staff.

Continual training and education program for its staff has been implemented to strengthen the quality and capabilities of staff. Administrative functions are fully computerised.

Research and development has also enabled Mei Heong Yuen to develop products according to international market demands and standards.